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High-performance heating and cooling solutions

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Thermal management, ready for any situation

The sophisticated thermal management systems in patient transport ambulances, rescue vehicles and special-purpose ambulances provide optimum temperatures, not only for the patients in the patient compartment. First-class heating and cooling solutions also ensure that rescue workers can concentrate fully and perform to their best. With its many years of experience and comprehensive expertise, Eberspächer offers solutions for the ambulance segment that facilitate optimum heating and cooling in rescue vehicles.

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Heating and air conditioning systems

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In this video, learn more about how important optimum thermal management in ambulances is and why rescue services put their trust in Eberspächer products.

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Thermal management

The ideal climate in rescue vehicles

Decision-making aid for optimally equipping your ambulance: Do your customers’ vehicles need flexible options for optimum temperature control – in terms of both heating and cooling?

In addition to our electric and fuel operated air and water heaters, we offer a wide range of convectors that are ideal for heating the patient compartment quickly and reliably. If air conditioning is also required, you can chose from our selection of split air conditioners; if there is more room on the roof, roof-mounted air conditioning systems are an option. Both systems are available as purely an A/C system or as an HVAC version with additional heating function, depending on your requirements. For electric vehicles, there is also an EHVAC option with integrated electric compressor.

As you would expect from Eberspächer, all of these are available with the appropriate air outlets and control unit.

The Eberspächer products for ambulances

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