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Energy Storage Systems


Xellstor mobile power storage from Eberspächer

Energy management system for maximum self-sufficiency for motorhomes, service vehicles and ambulances

Air conditioning, induction hobs, e-bikes, tools or medicine cabinets: In motorhomes as well as service vehicles and ambulances, it is necessary to simultaneously cover the energy requirements of numerous electrical devices. With Xellstor, Eberspächer has developed a 230 V energy management system that can also be used instead of a fuel-powered electricity generator. It consists of power units, the intelligent Smart Hub control system and the e-connected app for easy operation and maximum independence.

The power units are the storage modules which, thanks to intelligent electronics, provide loss-free 230 V AC voltage (110 V version available soon). They can be charged via shore power, a generator or solar panels. The use of lithium-ion technology ensures maximum capacity in tandem with low weight. The modular Xellstor system consists of up to four space-saving units, each of which has a capacity of 2.1 kWh (8.4 kWh in total), delivering a continuous output of 3,600 W.

Xellstor is controlled via the Smart Hub, where the connections for the power units, the charging facilities and the electrical devices come together. An intelligent power management system supplies the power units to optimum effect, prioritising the availability of power as the charge level decreases. The current status can be viewed at any time using the Eberspächer e-connected app.

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